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The Drugging of Our Children
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Drug Information is a comprehensive web site featuring extensive information about medications, drug interactions, and drug side effects.

In the News:

Deborah Merlin's radio interview with Holy Hormones:

Deborah Merlin's Radio Interview

Prescribing Zoloft and other antidepressants to a fetus

A list of SSRI and stimulant medication's connection to school and other massacres shootings:
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Adverse reactions to medications prescribed to children to treat ADHD and other neurological disorders:

Questions Raised About Stimulants and Sudden Death

Unfavorable drug studies don't get into print: Report

Research shows drugs are still not the answer for ADHD

ADHD Drugs May Increase Kids' Risk of Dying and Threat of Sudden Death


Merck concerned about mercury levels in children's vaccinations

Flu Shots, Mercury and Alzheimer's

Heavy metal toxicity articles:

Behavioral Aspects of Children (Aggressive, Anti-social Behavior)

Toxins in our environment:

High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi

Unrecognized Celiac Disease May be Hidden Cause of ADHD Symptoms







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Discover how a mother’s journey to natural medicine
helped her children to recover from ADHD, facial tics, brain seizures, and violent behavior.
Visit Deborah's ADHD Blog!
Follow how Deborah is detoxing her body from the pesticide DDT.

A NEW publication by Deborah Merlin: A Holistic Approach to ADHD

Overcome the challenges of ADHD naturally! A Holistic Approach to ADHD explains how this increasingly prevalent condition could be caused by numerous environmental factors, many of which we can control.

Exposure to toxic elements, such as those found in vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, and food colorings, may be putting you and your family at risk. Learn why food allergies, heavy metal poisoning, and amino acid imbalances can also create neurological problems related to ADHD.

This guide shows how you can learn how to defeat ADHD by avoiding toxins and using safe, proven methods, including those recommended by naturopathic physicians and homeopathic practitioners, in order to restore emotional and physical health.

Available from The Book Publishing Company and

Learn from the experts about the contributing causes and solutions to treat ADHD and autism:

  • Artificial food coloring and cosmetic coloring and the hidden sources of toxic metals
  • How artificial sweeteners contribute to ADHD
  • Vaccinations and vaccine reactions
  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • Gluten and dairy allergies and how they contribute to digestive disorders and ear infections
  • ADHD and the thyroid gland
  • Brain seizures
  • Electromagnetic field disturbances (EMF’s) and how to protect your family
  • Amino acid therapy
  • The HANDLE Institute
  • A chiropractor’s neurologist approach to recognizing and treatment of attention deficit disorders
  • Brain Gym
  • Emotional freedom techniques: Healing and underlying emotional contributors to ADD and ADHD
  • The adverse reactions to Ritalin and other medications
  • Health care professionals who treat ADHD and autism: Naturopaths and homeopaths
  • The Intention Protocol
  • Recommended tests
  • Laboratories
  • Recommended nutritional products
Victory Over ADHD

A holistic approach for helping children with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Bookstores can order this book through their favorite distributor or call 888-260-8358 for direct purchase.
Individuals can order this title through:
The Book Publishing Company
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A NEW Children's book by Deborah Merlin for children with special needs!


OKAY to Be Me: ZZ's Great Discovery is a story that teaches children how to accept the disabilities and diversity of themselves and/or others.

By learning how to appreciate and support the abilities of all special needs children, this book evokes deep feelings of compassion and empathy in an upbeat and positve manner.

To learn more, or to purchase copies, visit


A new video featuring Deborah Merlin
"Mom Refuses Ritalin and Heals Her ADHD Autism Kids With Natural Medicine"

Andy Mccabe - Autism Internet Show


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