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By David R. Allen, MD

An epidemic of problems affects our children in this twenty-first century. We have the usual problems of drug abuse, delinquency, and the uncertainty of the future, but in addition to these important issues, we are faced with an unprecedented rise in autism and ADHD. These complex conditions often overwhelm the average person’s ability to understand and therefore seek effective treatment.

As a physician, I have various treatment options for ADHD, autism, and other psychiatric problems in children. The conventional medical treatments consist mainly of various prescription medications. Although effective in some cases, there are many negative side effects that limit their use. However, there are many alternative treatments that don’t use drugs or have significant side effects. These alternative approaches may include nutrition improvement; vitamin supplementation; elimination of food known to cause allergies; heavy metal detoxification; the balancing of neurotransmitters by amino acids; acupuncture; and herbs to help address root causes and then strengthen, build, and repair weakened bodily systems. The elimination of candida and parasites from the bowel is often included in alternative treatments, yet ignored by conventional medicine.

I am often shocked by how quickly a child is placed on a medication—such as Ritalin—without the investigation of safe, natural medicine approaches. The need for the education of parents and their children about alternative medicine and lifestyle choices is the reason why I’m enthusiastically writing this foreword for Deborah’s story.

Deborah Merlin—mother of two premature infants—had the courage and the tenacity to do everything possible to ensure that her children grew up to be normal, healthy adults. As you will discover, the task was not easy. Westley and Erik, whom I have seen in the clinic, are now wonderful young adults. Their story is an immensely interesting journey through many doctors and philosophies. Deborah has been given conflicting diagnoses, often with opposing suggested treatments, yet she remained steadfast in seeking what made sense to her as a mother. Often the “nonprofessional mother” is more correct than the experts.

This book fills an important need—it’s an idea whose time has come. For all the mothers and fathers who are confused and searching, this book will bring clarity. I know this book will open a whole new possibility for the many parents and children who read it.


Victory Over ADHD

A holistic approach for helping children with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Individuals can order this title through:
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